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The meaning of A-DORIUS: 
two words combined - adorable + glorious.

 A store for the health conscience

 A range of products to suit ALL skin types

 The body responds positively to natural products rather than re-acting

Hi and welcome to my e-store.
I began making soap soon after I attended a workshop on how to make natural products at home. Through this workshop we were shown how to blend essential oils with a melt and pour soap base. This was great fun but I wanted to make a cold pressed soap from scratch. Soon after my first batch I noticed an improvement in my dry skin, especially in the cooler months of the year. No longer did I scratch and itch from the "detergent bars" that I was buying at the supermarket.
So after creating a unique formula for a base and putting together some aromas using essential oils I came up with the range I now stock.

I take pride in producing 100% handmade natural cold pressed soap using plant oils and aromas from essential oils, designed for those with sensitive skin and especially those who suffer with eczema. Alongside our handmade products we offer a range of natural and organic skin care, body care, hair care, baby care and cosmetics. These products not only look and feel good but are good for you.

The answer to skin reactions can be as simple as changing to natural and organic skin care, and away from chemical filled commerical products that are so common in our supermarkets. Our customers love using our soap and asked for a more complete personal care range for the whole family. This is why you will see a range of products other than products made by me.
If I can increase your awareness, help you make simple changes away from the harsh chemical alternatives abundant in our stores, then I feel I am doing much to contribute to your health and the environment.


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